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Innovation Day

How to make a carnival float


Hi,I am the builder of this float and I am going to tell you how to make a perfect carnival float;


  1. Draw your sketch (And remember that it might not be the same as the sketch)(but that is OKAY.)
  2. Get your supplies. You need supplies if 
  3. you are going to do a reality float.
  4. Know your design in reality. When you’re sketching you can not make your design to hard because you,well you……you know what I mean it will fall apart.


1.How I made my carnival float.


I made my float in reality and I only had so many supplies so first I gathered my supplies so I gathered all my supplies and I got started at first I was going for my original plan but then I realized that that plan was too I changed it and it was great!!


2.what/how-to put together 


So when I had a good plan I got started So If u need some advice on how to glue stuff on here is some so u can use White glue,hot glue,gorilla glue,wood glue and more!!


3.Assemble and decorate 

Decorate to your liking design. also design a theme of your choice and decorate your float!!


4.the challenge 

So the challenge was the carnival float needed to hold one-hundred grams and their was one more to pass and I passed them both!!