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CANDY 🍬🍭🍡🍧🎂🍰🍫🍬🧁🥧🍦🍩

1.hot mix……be careful!

The hot mix that is produced into CANDY 🍭 is very hot usually like up to 375 F when people melt CANDY 🍭 you need to wear  super thick gloves 🧤 when your working with CANDY 🍭because you can burn yourself.


2.Why kids like CANDY 🍭 


Kids love CANDY 🍭 because your body says YES! YES! YES! MORE! MORE! MORE! but CANDY 🍭 is not good for you because sugar is not good for your white or red blood cells or speaking of body parts CANDY 🍭Isn’t good for any of your body.


3.Working with the hot mix


When your working with the very important mix on the CANDY🍭you absolutely need to wear your protective gear when your working with the mix such as……………gloves lite Jacket, small eye protection, tiny face protection a and a thick jacket to go with the small one.


4.Adding scents and Colors to CANDY 🍭 


When you are adding scents and colors to the mix you need to wear super thick gloves because the cents and Colors are permanent which means that they don’t come off but about that if that is not your job in the factory 🏭 then you don’t have to wear thick-er gloves 




Bye I hope you enjoyed learning about candy!!!! 🍡🍬

Post card

I love the art gallery, there are so many interesting things. My two favourite places are the magical garden and the pond with pennies. I love the group of seven and a few other paintings. And oh my goodness they have the best gift shop ever!!! I sometimes wish I could live there it would be so magical and I would sleep in the magical garden, play in the early morning at the penny pond and smell the magical garden flowers. Do you like those places too? Have you been to the art gallery?


I love the art gallery!!!

Winter break 2020

Hi these are some of the things I did on Winter Break 


Skating, sleeping in,going in nature,walks,playing on my play structure,eating treats, ot rushing, playing, playing, outside, watching Lizzy, feeding the fish,spending time with my mom and dad,playing tag on ice,racing cars,crafting,baking,painting,Coloring,book challenge,aloooooooot of reading,Ironing bead craft, singing, dancing, making a donation,making homemade tea sandwiches,making snowmen.




About the tree stuff

Beavers chew and chop down trees so their teeth don’t get too long. Beaver’s teeth never stop growing so that is why they keep doing this process every day.


About the dams and  homes 

Beavers need homes pr.1 homes

Beavers need homes they usually make their homes out of twigs branches and bark from trees.


The building, yes pr.2 about how they make their dams


Now a lot of Lot LOT of people say that dams Ruin the forest and dry upland but this is WRONG! Well, there is truth in that, but the beavers do not notice that. and all they want is a home! You can not blame them for doing that! It is just not working but I have to say that they are ruining forests but they are not trying too.