Sound experiment!!

Hi I’m Kitty Stars😸😺

Today we are talking about….How sound travels!!

me and my class did two experiments on sound.


Here is the first one:

You need:

  • tuning fork
  • cup
  • water
  • saran wrap
  • string
  • stevia or salt (both have the same result)
  1. Cover the cup with saran wrap and tie with string.
  2. Add sugar or salt to the top of the saran wrap on top of the cup
  3. Hit the tuning fork on metal (we used the legs of our desks).







Here is what it looks like!!


Here is the second one:


You need:

  • Tuning fork
  • Water
  • A cup


  1. Fill the cup almost half way tot the top with water.
  2. Tap the tuning fork on metal (we used the legs of our desks) and quickly dip it in the water it should vibrate and spit the water!!


Here is what it looks like!!

Science Experiment (Light)

Hi I’m Kitty Stars!!😸😺

Today I’m going to tell you about science today!! Me and my class explored how light travels and how it is reflected



The experiment was: HOW DOES LIGHT TRAVEL??


Hypothesis: ”The light will travel thick and far”-Kitty Stars.


Procedure:🎇 1. Gather materials.(material list at the bottom)

🎇2. On three pieces of Cardstock draw two horizontal lines and on the fourth draw a bull’s eye.(No hole)

🎇3.On the other three cardstock cards put a hole in the middle ( try to use a pencil)(if not it’s okay!!

🎇4.Put big chunks of modeling clay to hold the cardstock cards.

🎇5.Line up the cardstock cards and you CAN use straws to make the cardstock cards in line.

🎇6.Use the flashlight to make the light!!✨😁

(materials: modeling clay, flashlight, cardstock cards, scissors, ruler, straw (optional)  pencil(or black marker)

My personal recount

Hi I’m Kitty Stars!!😺😸

We me and my class have been learning about a personal recount. What is a personal recount you ask?? A personal recount it is an event that happened to you are someone with you or just someone else.

What you need to add:

🎈Past tense verbs.

🎈chronological order.

🎈Use transition words like: First, next, finally.

Here is my recount:

When I was four I went to Disneyworld Orlando (Florida) and I was with my parents and grandparents. When we got settled it was time to hit the park!! I tried cool and amazing snacks, took pictures and talked to some of my favorite Disney characters and even tried some rides!! The Goofy roller coaster was my favorite!! I begged my parents to let me go on multiple times. Eventually they won and we went to some cafès and restaurants. I even took pictures with Winnie the Pooh characters!! 

After a long day we returned to the hotel and we had a surprise….There were balloons and chocolate covered strawberries in our mini fridge!!  To top it all off there were fireworks in the sky and music on speakers down below!! 

The next few days were quite similar and I have some AMAZING!! Souvenirs!! It was  the best experience of my entire life!! I look forward to coming back soon. When it was time to go we packed our bags (extremely annoying tantrum drama not included) We said our goodbyes and left the magical world of Walt Disneyworld….

Me and my class also used our recount skills to make a story board on the wild robot.



השם שלי קשת חתול‎!!

אני בת 8 בבית ספר שלי ojcs אני לומדת אנגלית,עברית וצרפתית. הצבה שלי טורקיז וסגול רויאל.החיה שאני אוהבת:חתולים!! ספורט שאני אוהבת האוכל שאני אוהבת שוקולד 🍫עוגיות🍪תה🍵☕️פסטה🍝 פיצה🍕

Innovation Day

How to make a carnival float


Hi,I am the builder of this float and I am going to tell you how to make a perfect carnival float;


  1. Draw your sketch (And remember that it might not be the same as the sketch)(but that is OKAY.)
  2. Get your supplies. You need supplies if 
  3. you are going to do a reality float.
  4. Know your design in reality. When you’re sketching you can not make your design to hard because you,well you……you know what I mean it will fall apart.


1.How I made my carnival float.


I made my float in reality and I only had so many supplies so first I gathered my supplies so I gathered all my supplies and I got started at first I was going for my original plan but then I realized that that plan was too I changed it and it was great!!


2.what/how-to put together 


So when I had a good plan I got started So If u need some advice on how to glue stuff on here is some so u can use White glue,hot glue,gorilla glue,wood glue and more!!


3.Assemble and decorate 

Decorate to your liking design. also design a theme of your choice and decorate your float!!


4.the challenge 

So the challenge was the carnival float needed to hold one-hundred grams and their was one more to pass and I passed them both!! 







CANDY 🍬🍭🍡🍧🎂🍰🍫🍬🧁🥧🍦🍩 mix……be careful!

The hot mix that is produced into CANDY 🍭 is very hot usually like up to 375 F when people melt CANDY 🍭 you need to wear  super thick gloves 🧤 when your working with CANDY 🍭because you can burn yourself.


2.Why kids like CANDY 🍭 


Kids love CANDY 🍭 because your body says YES! YES! YES! MORE! MORE! MORE! but CANDY 🍭 is not good for you because sugar is not good for your white or red blood cells or speaking of body parts CANDY 🍭Isn’t good for any of your body.


3.Working with the hot mix


When your working with the very important mix on the CANDY🍭you absolutely need to wear your protective gear when your working with the mix such as……………gloves lite Jacket, small eye protection, tiny face protection a and a thick jacket to go with the small one.


4.Adding scents and Colors to CANDY 🍭 


When you are adding scents and colors to the mix you need to wear super thick gloves because the cents and Colors are permanent which means that they don’t come off but about that if that is not your job in the factory 🏭 then you don’t have to wear thick-er gloves 




Bye I hope you enjoyed learning about candy!!!! 🍡🍬

Post card

I love the art gallery, there are so many interesting things. My two favourite places are the magical garden and the pond with pennies. I love the group of seven and a few other paintings. And oh my goodness they have the best gift shop ever!!! I sometimes wish I could live there it would be so magical and I would sleep in the magical garden, play in the early morning at the penny pond and smell the magical garden flowers. Do you like those places too? Have you been to the art gallery?


I love the art gallery!!!

Winter break 2020

Hi these are some of the things I did on Winter Break 


Skating, sleeping in,going in nature,walks,playing on my play structure,eating treats, ot rushing, playing, playing, outside, watching Lizzy, feeding the fish,spending time with my mom and dad,playing tag on ice,racing cars,crafting,baking,painting,Coloring,book challenge,aloooooooot of reading,Ironing bead craft, singing, dancing, making a donation,making homemade tea sandwiches,making snowmen.

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