Ma journee typique☀️❤️

Bonjour, c’est Kitty Stars!! 😺😸

A la fin de notre unité sur Une journée Typique dans la classe de français, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé de faire un projet pour démontrer ce que nous avions appris. J’ai choisi CANVA pour montrer les activités que je fais dans une journée typique comme samedi. Nous devions aussi utiliser l’horloge de 24 heures pour indiquer à quelle heure on faisait chaque activité. Après, nous avons présenté notre projet à la classe. Je pense que je bien réussi mais, jaurais du demander à Madame Slyvie de corriger mes diapostives.

Cliquer sur le lien pour visionner  mon projet!

My routine typique by Kitty.Stars

Innovation day🍃💦☀️

Hi it’s Kitty Stars! 😺😸 today I’m going to talk about my innovation day project

The problem is: How can we provide renewable energy to a space while still keeping the fun aestic in mind?

Here’s a pic of our project,⬆️ a wind water and solar powered ferris wheel.

Here is some of our information.


Les Anglais- French project

Bonjour c’est Kitty Stars! 😸😺

Pendant notre cours d’Études Sociales avec Madame Sylvie, nous avons appris beaucoup de faits intéressants au sujet des Premiers Explorateurs. Pour conclure ce chapitre, nous devions choisir un groupe d’explorateurs de notre choix. Moi, j’ai choisi Les Anglais. Après ma recherche, J’ai préparé une présentation avec CANVA. Voici quelques faits intéressants que j’ai appris sur les Les Anglais.Faits:Le fils cadet de Jean Cabot devient explorateur,Quelques mois après l’arrivée de Jean Cabot au Canada, il découvre une “Une nouvelle terre” quis’appele plus tard Terre Neuve,Jean Cabot s’est inspiré des découvertes de Bartolomeu Dias et de Christophe Colomb.

 Ci-dessous, vous trouverez mon projet.

Hebrew assignment

Hi it’s Kitty Stars!!😺😸 Today I’m going to share a little bit about the hebrew parasha my class is learning now and what I think.

The verse that we learned is from the book of beraysheet chapter 29

The part we learned today was about Leah, Yakov’s wife, had 4 sons: Reuvin, Shimon, Levi & Yeahodah, to get Yakov to like her. The reason she asked god to give her children is because she wanted Yakov to like her, why didn’t he like her? Well, 7 years ago, Yakov wanted to marry Rachel, Leah’s sister,but their father, Laavan didn’t approve and said that in order to marry Rachel he, Yakov would need to work another 7 years. After another 7 years of being a Shepard for Laavan, Laavan said yes! Or so, that’s what Yakov thought, when the wedding day came, Laavan knew he would have to marry his older daughter, Leah first. Thinkink that Yakov wouldn’t relise Leah under the pure white veil, he switched Rachel with Leah without a secound thought. The morning Yakov woke up, he relised Rachel wasn’t there and saw Leah instead, relised he had been tricked, he confronted Laavan. After Laavan told him that he couldn’t marry Rachel until he married Leah, Yakov hated Leah ever since so, When Leah had kids he softened up a bit to her. And that’s the parasha for today!

See you next time! MeowOut!

Scientists in the school

Hi it’s Kitty Stars!! 😺😸

Today I’m going to be talking to you all about Scientists in the school!

Scientists in the school is an activity that our school does. OJCS invites (or sets up a call) scientists to the school with activity kits for the grade and with instructions we create science experiments.The experiment was to figure out the mystery powder was. (Which was later discovered to be flour and baking soda.)

The ingredients we tested on were:

  • Baking soda
  • Flour
  • Epsom salt

We tested the “Mystery powder” with water to test the reaction.

After testing the “Mystery powder” with thr water we tested the reaction with the straaight up powder and water and compaired them to the “mystery poweder”s reaction and we came to a conclusion that it was flour an baking soda.


Hebrew work- first semester

Hi it’s Kitty Stars!!😺😸 At the start of the year (first semester) our hebrew teacher asked us to partner up and make a slide deck of vocabulary words featured in speaking about stores and or buying things so here is a slide of the presentation!

Click here to view!

The reason we did this project is to work on our collaboration skills and partnership.We also did this to practice our store vocabulary.



Another project our teacher asked us to do was an all about me in hebrew so here is a slide of the presentation!

Click here to view!

The reason we did this is for the class to know a little bit more about each other and to practice our hebrew.


Thank you!

Wonder book activity- Via journal entry

Hi it’s Kitty Stars!!😸😺

Today I wrote a journal entry in the perspective of Via, a character from the book,Wonder by R.G.palacio: So here it is:


Dear Journal, It’s me, Via, Today was rough; First, Grans died and me and mom cried together for a while. After we watched The ghost and Mrs.Muir, our favorite black and white movie, just as I thought we were having some good mother-daughter bonding time, the nurse called mom to tell her Auggie had to be picked up, sigh I guess “Via’s mom” is leaving now, time for “Auggie’s mom” to resume.


Second, When auggie came home he had told me that he couldn’t go trick-or-treating because he had nausea (He told me himself) but it dawned on me that this kid,the kid who has had over five surgeries and tons of pain would complain about nausea. He finally blew up and told me why: He said lot’s of the boys in his class including his one-time-but-not-anymore friend Jack Will were saying mean things like, big head or weirdo and obviously that upsets me to hear but me complaining about how mean those kinds of kids are, I didn’t because that would never help poor August. He never told me why he wore his bleeding scream costume instead of the boba fett costume mom took weeks to make, but I just didn’t ask and just assumed that he changed his mind. He was also telling me how much he didn’t want to go back to school and deal with those mean kids, but I told him that if he didn’t want to be treated like a baby with disabilities and the issue of people making fun of him, he would have to go back to school. Mom and dad did say that he could quit school any time but I knew he was liking it so I told him if he didn’t go back to school, I would tell mom and dad the problem about Jack Will and his friends. 


Later, after we had the talk-fight about going back to school he snatched his comics- (I took while talking to him so he could pay attention to me instead of reading) -back and stuffed his face back in them. When I was about to leave he said: Hey Via, Miranda called ME she asked if a I was alright and I told her I was fine. I can’t believe you didn’t tell her about me Via! Anyway, I told her I was fine and she told me she loves me like a big sister, ALSO! she told me that you don’t talk anymore! Is that true? Yah…. Auggie. Also one more thing before you go Via! Said August, she told me she loves me like a big sister AND! That she misses you,…. Bye Via! See you at dinner! Bye,…. August. I said and left the room. Flabbergasted!, shocked! Like a big sister, really!?, WOW MIRANDA. After dinner (Mashed potatoes and corn with fish, something August can eat.)  After I kissed auggie and my parents goodnight then headed up to my room and started my nighttime routine. First I started off by showering and brief hydrating skin routine- (Which noeone besides mom and you,Journal)- then pulled out my phone and took some pictures of me in my pj’s with fresh “routined” skin then hoped in the bed and finished the last chapter of War & peace amnd put it away pn my new developing bookshelf in my room beside my bedside table near my closet. I went back on my phone and quickly texted Miranda and I said: I’m sry I’ve haven’t been hanging out with u tlk tmrw?  She quickly replied:😊 Friend again?      And I flushed with happiness just like the emoji, and texted back: Friends again.








Self directed science – Rocks and minerals

Hi it’s Kitty Stars!! 😺😸

This past week me and my class have been working on our self directed science about rocks and minerals and today I will be showing you the results!


I hope you enjoyed the photos, Feel free to read the sticky – note description boxes about each rock and find them on the canvas!


Did I like it?

Yes, I did like this experience because I enjoy self directed lessons because I have a little more freedom to enjoy the subject freely